Creative services taboo topics and a thank you.

The secret is knowing your worth.

Something that always seemed to be a taboo topic in anything creative was the topic of business/money. I grew up around artist, mostly fine artists and a lot of my influences come from that community. It is all too common to hear about people "selling out" know...god forbid you get a job and pay your bills or put yourself in a better position for the future.

For some reason, you can only get paid for your art if people want to collect it/buy it.

But as soon as you collect a paycheck...that is frowned upon.

Now we have to make a living somehow and I can understand to a point about "selling out". But we have to take another look at this. Especially for those of us who work more with businesses, companies, organizations and people outside of our community.

Never in my entire career as an "artist/designer" was I ever taught about the business of design. It was one of those things I had to learn on my own. In college I did not have to take one business class nor was I pushed to take any. It was always about my studio time and humanities etc. God forbid I learn how to earn a living.

So after school I was flying by the seat of my pants. Trying to work on establishing my career. I started getting some work and I had no idea how to price my work. Fine art or design. The hardest part was finding out my worth. Charge too much or too little and you can not get a job, just the do not want to charge too little and try to scrape together a million clients to pay the bills.

Now I started to slowly to put things together and make something of myself through much trial and error.

I found a resource that I wish I had found in college. I stumbled across a youtube channel called "The futur" @thefuturishere

their youtube channel

Created by:

These guys break down the business of design and creative services. Learned some new tricks and tips myself. I cannot thank these guys enough for what they do and the value they are bringing to the taboo topic of money.

Anyone who is in school for creative services, wants to be or is...needs to give some of their videos a look. You wont regret it.

Learning how to make a living should not be kept a secret and TheFutur is paving the way and dropping knowledge bombs the entire way.

A favorite designer of mine.

Massimo Vignelli is in my list of top 5 designers, easily.

Now, I know...that is like saying, basketball players have a lot to learn from Magic Johnson. Obviously they are great and recognized as such. But it would be a huge misstep to not acknowledge the influence that they have had on not just my development but on the entire craft itself.

When I was younger, still in high school. Like most designers, I did not understand the full implications of typography and how powerful it is. I readily skipped over it in favor of illustration every time. I watched a well known film "Helvetica" which gave a discussion of not just the specific typeset and its history. But also addressed designers who did and did not use it, their work and the importance of type in design.

The film (at the time) seemed a bit boring, was type really that important?

This was the start of need to learn all about type. I got into college and started my design studies and I did not know where to start learning about type. With the help and direction of some awesome professors I dove headfirst. Low and behold, in my first type class we watched the same film "Helvetica". It was that much more interesting at that point in my life. Such a great film and only gets better. (I may watched it probably 2 more times throughout my life.)

In that film Vignelli had a huge part in the narrative. He is considered to be THE best designer for Helvetica usage. His designs showed the entire breadth of creativity and type usage. Even though he considered only about maybe 5 types were worthy of any usage at all. And he seemed to mostly use 3.

The usage of white space, scale, color, type/layout.....was just amazing, groundbreaking and ultimately legendary.

He was able to communicate so many different things while showing such restraint all whilecreating some dynamic iconic designs.

I refer back to his work time and time again in order to better my own type setting skills. To try and learn from one of the very best is always a great way to learn.

If you are already very familiar with his work.....then go back to it...take it, if you somehow aren' the same.

Shout out and a thank you.

I think it is super important to recognize people that influenced, taught, pushed and overall helped us progress further in whatever cause we are chasing for.

This shout out goes out to Fabio Sasso.

Firstly you can find him at.

He is the founder of abduzeedo which is a responsible for helping, motivating, connecting and inspiring millions of creatives around the world.

He is by trade a designer, product designer and art director with just a stupid (in a good way) amount of talent and years of hard work to back it up.

Years ago I found myself looking for new tutorials on how to learn Photoshop better. I stumbled across the abduzeedo tutorials page where Fabio and other awesome knowledgeable designers had amazing tutorials to help anyone looking for something new to learn. I probably went through just about all of them one by one, step by step, trying to recreate the style or effect.

I learn by doing and this was perfect for me. Being able to take advanced techniques and with some growing pains memorize and keep them as my own bag of tricks.

I cannot emphasize enough doing tutorials, even if you think you have a pretty good grasp on things. Even reading through them I can pick up on tips, tricks and moments to keep in the ol' tool chest.

From there I explored the rest of his page. His links to other artist, creatives and companies...connecting people all over the world. Sharing ideas, information and art/design was amazing. I spent so many hours going through links and exploring the awesome web of creatives across the globe.

So simply said, thank you Fabio (I hope you find this some day). I cant thank you enough for what you have taught me.