Stay coachable.

Much of my life was spent behind a canvas (of some sorts) or on some kind of sports field/court.

So much of my time was always occupied with coaches and teachers. It doesn't matter what you are trying to learn. Whether it is how to properly observe and record perspective on a 2D plane or if it is trying to learn the proper timing of a jab step pull up jump shot. They all seem to take the same thing to learn.

Lots of hard work, quality practice and good listening. If you do not have one of those qualities then it will be hard to learn a lot of things. At that point you are simply getting in your own way.

My biggest takeaway is to stay coachable.

The moment you think you do not need to practice it or you know it already or do not think you need to put the work in. That is a main driving moment people stop progressing.

My high school volleyball coach did not know a ton about the finer aspect of the game. I came into a team that had some great athletes and I was a freshman that had been playing club and been around the game for just about my entire life. I could have been a huge ass and tossed my knowledge around like an arrogant know it all. But I didn't. I kept my mouth shut and learned something different from my coach. How to be a good leader, how to communicate better, passion and intensity, team building skills etc etc All of these things I would have missed out on learning if I didn't keep my ears open. I cannot thank my coach enough for teaching me how to be a better teammate, person and man.

How many hours with a pencil do I have in practicing human anatomy? Countless. How many hours do I have spent running sprints, practicing my shot, serve or any other skill? Tens of thousands of hours. This kinda of work ethic mixed with a constant want and ability to learn something new is what keeps driving my skills forward.

Even this day with so many repetitions and hours under my belt. I still learn something new..sometimes from the most random of places and people. But if you do not leave yourself open, then those things will surely pass you by.