Why is tomorrow better than today?

The topic of seizing the day, of taking advantage of the hear and now, to be about the current moment, to do whatever it is you want to do. Is a topic in business and life in general that is beaten to death. Clouded with fake motivation, inspiration and a crap facade of spontaneous wannabes that leads to wheel spinning.

Now I am not going to say there is no merit to this thesis. That would just be silly. There is tons of truth to be learned from concept of "doing" and a lot of people could benefit from hearing a message like this.

Often a lot of us get in a rut, stuck in some kind of grind. Every now and then we get an idea. Maybe it can improve your job, start a business, write a book, a piece of music/art, a non profit organization, a trend, a app etc etc. You know...those ideas you get in the shower while you are thinking about how life has lead you to this current moment in time.

Often these ideas are gone as quickly as we are finished drying off from our shower. But why? Now, I get that not all ideas should not be acted upon. With a little research and know how, we can find out which ideas just should be scrapped.

This is where the action of doing is so important. For a litany of reason we as people do not like to "do" of our own accord. We like to listen to someone else tell us what to do and leave it at that.

So by all means. If you are able to, take full advantage of that idea. Grab it by the horns and do something with it. The important part to take away here is...do it till you succeed or fail. Don't just do it and stop or constantly put it on the back-burner. Do it and do it till you can say, "Well that was a shit,ok or amazing idea." That way you can bury it forever or grow it into something amazing.

Here lies the constant battle we do with ourselves and our lives. Is this idea good? What would so-and-so think about this? What if I fail? What if i succeed? What if I never finish? Can I afford it? Do I need help? The list seems endless. We are often our own worse enemies and shoot down ourselves before the plan gets a chance to start. Audit yourself and be real about what you can and cannot do in order to figure out the best plan of attack.

You cannot change what you have done and the future is not promise. All we have is the here and now.