An issue I have with employers.

My younger designers who are still trying to make something of themselves in the professional arena are constantly running into the same problem, hell I had it myself out of school.

Lets say you want to get a job as a designer, start paying off school loans etc while maybe you work on your side freelancing etc.

You start going through design job postings and seeing what is out there. You are often met with the biggest frustration for many designers.

Employers will ask for a "graphic design" but that is NOT what they want.

After you are done reading the job description you find so much more. Employers want the following....or a combination of most of these....

  • A designer
  • Web/App developer
  • Print Production Manager
  • Art Director
  • Content Manager
  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Project Manager
  • Writing Skills
  • Social Media Manager
  • 3D design capabilities
  • Videography and Editing
  • Some marketing skills
  • Flash or other animation
  • UX/UI
  • CAD Knowledge

This is NOT unusual. This is mostly the norm!

All while having 3-5 yrs experience and advanced software knowledge in just about every piece of software needed to fulfill any of these requirements.

And the compensation being that of someone with 1-2 yrs experience.

So imagine you are looking for a job as a electrician...but the job description is asking if you know how to do plumbing, wood work, project management, payroll, roofing, painting, drafting, cement pouring etc etc.

Get it?

Cut the shit.

If you want a designer, then hire a designer...not a developer...not an animator...not a videographer etc.

Some of these qualities listed, many people have entire careers dedicated solely to one of these things.

Now, some of you designers can do it all....that's are not the norm and it is sad that it seems that is how things are shifting since very few professional settings want to pay salary money to hire multiple people. Instead they would rather hire one person who is just ok at a million different things.

Just imagine the quality of work done when you hired people that can do just a couple of those things...reallyyyyyyyy well.

Now, if you come by someone who can do it all and to your liking that is great. But compensate that person how they should be. That is so much to know especially right out of school. That is why younger designers have such a hard time getting jobs.

If you want to hire a designer....hire a designer.