A regret of mine.

One of my biggest regrets in my search for knowledge and growth in design is the lack of time spent doing work growing up and in college and not taking more internships.

The amount of time that I had to be able to work on my skills and crafts seems endless when compared to the amount of time that I have now. Hindsight...honestly it seems like it is all the time in the world way back when. Little responsibilities to my name and so many more extra hours in the day to spend time learning something, anything! Could have learned more coding, worked on my hand lettering.....and especially work more on my typesetting/layouts skills. Typesetting being one of those kills that no matter how good you get, you always feel like you have so much left to learn.

Also the lack of taking on more internships would have helped me immensely with garnering real world experience before I even entered the workforce. Being able to learn the real ins and outs of the business side of things and how it works with the creative side of things. Real life problems and how to solve them, how to interact with employees/bosses and management. Let alone all I could have learned in design from working professionals. Talk about pissing away opportunity.

There is much to learn and much to do yet. Take advantage of the resources that you have available. Especially if you are young, you have so much time. You can run well on little sleep, eat ramen to get you through....and put in the time.

If I could go back....the one thing I would change is putting in more work...more late nights and early days. Put in the work while you can!