Advice for printing company shirts.

I have spent some years now working with designing apparel for screen printing, embroidery and sublimation. There is one constant trend that almost seems to refuse to die. So here it is...

Stop getting your companies phone number, web url or other info printed on your shirts.

First off,  no one is reading your shirt for important information. Lets say that you see a construction company working and they are doing great work. You need a company for a build and look to get in contact with them. How many of us go up to a worker and ask them to read their shirt so you can take down the number. Or creep on them while you try to make out the number or website.

Maybe you are sitting in a restaurant and you love their food and have an event coming up you want them to cater. Do you stare at the employees to try and make out the info on the shirt?

What is the one thing we all do. The first thing we grab...our cell phone. We see the name of that construction company or restaurant and we Google the companies name to find out more information about them. Whether we need a number, address, email website... anything. We head to Google for answers.

No one is getting answer from the shirt you are wearing.

So since it isn't providing value in information, those pieces of information on the shirt are now wasted ink and space. You could be using that space for a bad ass design or even to just make your company logo bigger nice and clean so people can read it easily when they go to Google you.  Stop wasting space, ink, design space and money on printing people don't use.