(If you don't want to read please enjoy pictures of my fat cat Steve to the right or bottom on mobile)

A little about myself. I am born and raised in Maryland in the Baltimore area (go Ravens and O's).

I studied graphic design at Newbury College in Boston Massachusetts.

I have studied fine art ever since elementary school and made the switch to design to combine the creativity of art and the utility and language of design.

Something a little different, I also grew up a athlete. I played all kinds of sports growing up and played lacrosse and volleyball competitively. Volleyball is my first sport and have been fortunate to have played in college and got to travel the country competing against some amazing athletes. It is something that I am very passionate about and still compete at a high level today.

It was weird growing up being apart of two communities that are inherently very different and usually do not get along. But I learned to take things from both areas to apply to each other, ultimately creating a fantastic amalgamation.

One of my favorite designers is the great Milton Glaser. He has a famous quote, "Do good work." It resonates with me because it applies to so much more then design. Training, competing, conditioning, being a friend, brother and generally just a good person.

Always in my endeavors I try to do good work.

Let me know if I can do good work for you.